The art of weaving for more than 2000 years.


Myth has it that Our Mother Moon, taught the first woman how to weave at the beginning of time. Since then, mothers have taught their daughters, from generation to generation uninterruptedly for two thousand years.

In addition to its important religious and social aspects, historically weaving has been central to indigenous women’s economic contribution to their households. In a traditional Inca context, when a girl is born, the midwife presents her with the different instruments of weaving one by one and she says,

“Well then, little girl”

“This will be your hand”

“This will be your foot”

“Here is your work”

“With this, you’ll look for your food”

“Don’t take the evil path,”

“Don’t steal”

“When you grow up”

“Only with these will you work,”

“With your hand and with your foot”