Soft ethnic 100% wool handmade messenger book bag inspired by the Incas in South America

Image- Beautiful item is a colorful piece, ideal for keeping your essentials handy like books or laptops
- Natural dyes are used for an elegant, traditional look
- blue with mixed orange and yellow, ethnic themed
- One zipper and fully lined interior
- Main drawstring and flap-over button-top closure
- Cushioned interior for extra strength and durability
- Measures 13 inches height x 11 inches length x 1 inches width
- 100% soft wool from authentic fabric in Otavalo, Ecuador
- hand weaved for durable finish
* All goods are shipped from a Canadian post office with a tracking number


The creations are done by native indigenous peoples of Otavalo Ecuador, They are a native culture from a tribe called Salaca, who hand-craft and hand-weave each individual piece. The Salasaca people live in the center of the Andes in Ecuador. There are around 12,000 inhabitants and they speak Kichwa. The Salasacas work principally in agriculture and indigenous art, which they begin learning at a very young age. One identifiable cultural characteristic of the Salasacas is their tapestries with hand-woven designs and motifs. Many of the tapestry designs tell the stories of their lives. The tapestries currently exhibited are all handmade, starting with natural wool, followed by the spinning, dying and weaving. These creations depict the culture and traditions of the native tribes in Ecuador. They are truly unique pieces, one of a kind.
The handcrafted nature of this product will produce minor differences in design and sizing. Subtle variations will occur from piece to piece, adding to its unique qualities. Measurements may vary slightly.