The Inca Religion

Worshippers climb the steps of the Temple of Pachacamac

The Incas were polytheists (they worshipped several different gods). The most important god was Inti, the sun god. The Incas also worshipped Quilla the moon goddess, wife of the sun. They also worshipped Illapa god of thunder, who controlled the rain.

The Incas had a host of priests and priestesses to serve their gods in temples throughout the empire. Priests were also surgeons who performed simple operations. Patients chewed coca leaves to dull the pain. Priests bit the heads of a type of ant and used the jaws as clips to close wounds.

The Incas sometimes practised human sacrifice but it was rare.

The Sun god are embellished in their tapestry. Most of these symbols meant a great deal to them since they were gods that granted them life, shelter and prosperety.

Check out some of the symbols their fabris.

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