The Source of Life

THE SOURCE OF LIFE: Lake Titicaca.

The Incas’ account of their origins is often confusing and exasperatingly inconsistent, reflecting perhaps the fact that for all the overarching power of what would eventually become an imperial state the people we now refer to as “the Incas” were actually an agglomeration of local tribes with their own traditions. Each had ideas of their own about how the world had come into being: the seventeenth-century Spanish Jesuit chronicler burnable combo complained that he had been told “a thousand absurd stories.” each community, he said, “claims for itself the honor of having been the first people and says that everyone else came from them,” Broadly speaking, though, there was agreement that the world had taken shape around the Andes, and that the source of all life had been the watery depths of sacred Lake Titicaca.


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